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Train contemporary Pilates with Pilates Individual!

What is contemporary Pilates?
Contemporary Pilates is the unbeatable combination of ” Pilates and Fascia Training” !
This results in giving the Pilates workout, an even better efficacy and depth, and for me as a trainer, new possibilities.

The aim of contemporary Pilates, regardless of your age and fitness level; is a balanced attitude, an adaptable resistance, refined body awareness, ergonomic everyday movements and an improved athletic performance.

What are myofasciae ?
“Myo” refers to muscle, “fascia” is the name of the connective tissue, the three-dimensional communication network, a unit that permeates through our whole body, where they encase organs, muscles and bones.

In conjunction with the muscles, they form myofascial meridians. These long coherent chains, slings or rail lines, transfer the forces and motion.

Fascia is a regulatory and formative structure, they affect the internal and external perception potential. This affects our patterns of posture, movement quality and the “well-being” in our own bodies.

Why Pilates and fascia combine training?
How supple are our movements and how fit we feel depends very much on a “strong center ” and ” flexible fascia “.

All movements are myofascial and the selection of Training program is diverse, but not every method promotes fascial integrity.

We use in our creative training exercises, according to the principles of the classical Pilates method, which is the foundation of your training session and remains , in combination with specific techniques, of the principles of fascial training to promote myofascial responsiveness, resiliency and blocking .

By means of different ball tension with pressure and sliding motions, the blood and oxygen circulation and body awareness has improved . Slow and concentrated exercises alternate with rhythmic, energetic movements, thus improving the flow of movement and dynamic stability, strength and flexibility .

So ” Pilates and fascial training,” form a perfect synergy. In the spirit of Joseph Pilates, who has repeatedly pointed out that it was better not only to train individual muscles, but to promote the body holistically.

Pilates Individual – Angela Wild – Lanzarote