Angela Wild

Angela Wild

About Me

I have always loved to exercise and I enjoy many different sports, but when I discovered the Pilates Method it was a true revelation. Pilates quickly became my passion for how it improves my shape and posture. Shortly after beginning Pilates as a client in 2002 I began my training as an instructor so that I could share its health benefits with others. I have been teaching the Pilates Method as a Qualified Instructor since 2005.

My Training

2004-2006 — Ian Dilworth, Mentor (Lanzarote)

2005 — Michael King, Pilates Institute (Berlin)

2006-2007 — Polestar (Cologne)

2009 — Center Circle (Munich)

2010 — Karen Clippinger, BASI Pilates (Munich)

2011 — Kelly Kane & Matt McCulloch, Kane School (Frankfurt)

2011 — Detlef Pöhlmann, Functional Training Strategies (Frankfurt)

2012 — Somatic Training Method of Thomas Hanna

2012 — James Earls, Thomas Myer’s Anatomy Trains for Movement Therapists (Madrid)

2013, 2015 — Art of Motion (Bern); Slings-Myofascial Meridians in Movement

2016 — Osteopathic Movements on the Pilates Roller – Marcel Merkel, Stefan Kosik

2016 — BMT Learning – Balance Muscular Training (Arrecife)

2017 — Art of Motion / Pilates & Body Reading

2017 — Reflexive Performance Reset™ Foundation & Advanced

2020 — Eric Franklin Method:  
  • Pian Free Sacroiliac Joint
  • Happy Feets
  • Psoas and Hip Release
2020 — Eric Franklin Method Qualifyt Fascia Trainer for:
  • Shoulder, Neck & Face
  • Pelvis 

My Personal Philosophy

My personal philosophy as a Pilates instructor is focused on each individual’s unique circumstances, and adapting my methods to address the needs of each person. I take pride in listening to each of my clients and becoming deeply familiar with their conditions, habits and goals, and tailoring solutions to help them achieve outcomes they will be satisfied with. Throughout my time as a Qualified Pilates Instructor, I have owned my own studio and worked independently so that I can have a direct 1-to-1 connection with each person. Even in group classes, I see it as a personal duty to attend to the needs of each individual and monitor their progress for as long as they are in my care.

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