dynamic stretching

Dynamic Stretching

Nearly everyone is familiar with the feeling of tight muscles and restricted range of movement, and for some of us this may be accompanied by aches and pains. All of these things result from a natural asymmetry of the human body and the activities of our daily lives such as repetitive movements at work, sitting posture and stress. Over time, incorrect movements are imprinted on the brain and the muscles adapt in ways that reduce movement and ultimately cause pain.

Luckily, there are effective ways to retrain the brain in correct movement patterns and release muscle blockages. Dynamic Stretching is a unique class that I have developed incorporating Dr. Thomas Hanna’s somatic techniques with myofascial release methods. Absolutely no prior knowledge of Pilates is required to benefit from Dynamic Stretching.


Somatics complements the physical discipline of Pilates with an emphasis on internal physical perception. Through a combination of breathing and gently contracting and lengthening muscles, the brain is allowed to absorb sensory feedback it needs to help relax tight muscles.

dynamic stretching

Myofascial Release

Myofascial release is a deep self-massage of the connective tissue that covers the muscles. This technique uses various types of foam rollers and massage balls to release tightness and strain arising from sport and everyday stress, and it may help prevent future issues.

dynamic stretching


Movements on the Pilates roller help to release and remove blockages in the spine and joints, as well as improving the position and function of organs which may be adversely affected by such blockages.

dynamic stretching

Everyone is the architect of their own happiness.

—  Joseph Pilates


Regular practice will help you:

  • Increase function of muscles that may be “switched off” due to imbalance and tightness
  • Improve sensory and motor awareness
  • Improve natural movement patterns
  • Increase and maintain the elasticity and performance of the muscles and fascia
  • Prevent and regulate bio-mechanical stress and counteract bad posture
  • Release tension from “trigger points”
  • Release adhesions in the connective tissue so it is able to relax and become more dynamic and strong again

At Pilates Individual, these benefits can be achieved regardless of your experience with Pilates. I provide personalised tips and instruction to both newcomers and skilled devotees. The improvements I see in each student after even a few sessions bring me great satisfaction.

I look forward to helping you experience the relaxation and enhanced well-being from Dynamic Stretching, too!

dynamic stretching